Margaritas, Michelada & Horchata


Impala “Bel Air” Margarita - Take a little trip… 12.95

Reposado Tequila + Fresh Citrus Juices + Agave + Grand Marnier Float + Salt Rim (Frozen or on the Rocks)

Chihuahua Margarita 15.95

Our famous Frozen Impala Margarita topped off with an 8oz George Lopez Brewing Co. Lil Mexi Ta Loco Cerveza. You’ve got to try this one!

Blackberry Sage Margarita 11.95

Reposado Tequila + Fresh Citrus Juices + Blackberry Puree + Agave + Sugar Rim (Frozen or on the Rocks)

Pineapple Jalapeño Margarita 11.95

Reposado Tequila + Fresh Citrus Juices + Pineapple + Jalapeño + Agave + Sugar Rim (Frozen or on the Rocks)

Michelada 10.95

George Lopez Li'l Mexi + Chamoy & Tajin Rim

Borracha Horchata 10.95

House-made with Spiced Rum

Custom Seltzers & Hard Lemonade


Seltzer T.W.I.L.I. 7.95

Refreshing low carb Hard Seltzer with your choice of flavor. Includes a side car of fresh juice so you can make it Just the Way You Like It! Choose from Watermelon, Peach, Pineapple, Asian Pear, Cherry, or Lime

Pink Flamingo Hard Lemonade 8.95

Lemonade + Strawberry Puree + New Amsterdam Vodka

Boozy & Non-Boozy Milkshakes


Creamsicle Boozy Milkshake 11.95

Vanilla Shake + Orange Vodka + Orange Juice + Whipped Cream + Orange Slice

Mudslide Boozy Milkshake 11.95

Chocolate Shake + Cold Brew Infused Coffee Vodka + Whipped Cream + Chocolate Drizzle

Old Fashioned Boozy Milkshake 11.95

Vanilla Shake + Bourbon + Orange Bitters + Whipped Cream + Orange Slice + Cherry

Cookies & Cream Boozy Milkshake 11.95

Cookies & Cream Shake + Vanilla Whipped Cream Vodka + Whipped Cream + Oreo Crumbles

Non-Boozy Milkshakes 6.95

Choose from Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Strawberry

Cocktails & California Wines


Navy Grog 9.95

It’s a Mai Tai on Steroids

NoLa Hurricane 10.95

Rum + Lime Juice + Red Fassionola

Spicy Bloody Mary 10.95

Vodka + House-made Bloody Mary Mix + Celery + Bacon + Olives + Lime + Salt Rim + Pepperoni Straw

La Marca Prosecco 11.95

Veneto, Italia

Prophecy Sauvignon Blanc 8.95

New Zealand (2018)

William Hill Chardonnay 9.95

Napa Valley (2018)

Ronda Rose 10.95

B. Wise Vineyards, Pinot Noir & Grenache, Sonoma County (2018)

Sextant Pinot Noir 12.95

Santa Lucia Highlands (2017)

Trios Cabernet Sauvignon 12.95

B. Wise Vineyards, Moon Mountain District, Sonoma Valley (2018)

Sodas & Stuff

Jarritos Sodas 4.95

Assorted Flavors

Mexican Coke 4.95

Mexican Squirt 4.95

Topo Chico 4.95

Red Bull 5.95

Assorted Flavors

Fountain Drinks 3.95

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Lemonade

Unsweetened Iced Tea 3.95